How to Import NFTs to MetaMask?

In the world of digital currency Non fungible tokens have gained immense popularity around the globe. NFTs are the unique digital currency that represent ownership of a specific coin. If you are new to the NFT block change then you must know about How to Import NFTs to MetaMask?. 

Metamask is one of the popular crypto currency and browser extensions for the users. You are in the right place to understand the transfer of NFTs to Metamask simply. 

Introduction of NFTs

NFTs are the indivisible digital assets of the users and they are in the various forms. You can simply find them in the form of Air, music, virtual real estate, & more. It cannot be exchanged on one to one basis unlike ethereum and bitcoin. On the other hand metamask serves as a digital asset wallet for the users and it works as a decentralised web.

What Is Necessary Before Importing NFTs To Metamask?

Before importing NFTs to Metamask you have to do the following things first.

Set Up Your Metamask Wallet

Before importing any of the NFTs you need to set your metamask wallet account. If you installed the application then just create your account. Or you have other option also to create your account on the browser of Metamask. After installation you only have to follow the screen instruction to create a new account or import an existing one using your seed phrase.

Finding Your NFTs

To import NFTs to Metamask you have to locate the NFT you own. The NFT platform is acquired through the NFTs marketplace such as OpenSea, Rarible, or Mintable. When you purchase any of the NFTs that will add in your account.

Steps To Import NFTs To Metamask

  • Click on the Metamask extension on your browser.
  • Go to your wallet & click “Asset”
  • Choose “Import Tokens”
  • Copy contact address of the NFT collection.
  • Paste it on the “Token Contract Address” field.
  • Add a custom token symbol
  • Add the number of decimal places.
  • Click Next and Then add a token

Click On The Metamask Extension On Your Browser

After creating the account to transfer NFTs to metamask just click on the browser extension of the Metamask to access the account. 

Go To Your Wallet & Click “Asset”

Move the Metamask wallet and click on the asset option.In the assets you will find multiple options to transfer & configure your all digital assets safely.

Choose “Import Tokens”

From the multiple options in the asset section move to the “Import Tokens” and click on it. This will help you to transfer your assets from NFTs safely.

Copy Contact Address Of The Nft Collection

Go to the NFT account and copy the address of NFT that you want to transfer to metamask. Browse the NFT assets in the NFT account and select it to copy the address.

Paste It On The “Token Contract Address” Field

Move to the Metamask account and paste the token contract address in it. When you paste it in a particular field this will help you to transfer the asset from NFTs to Metamask.

Add A Custom Token Symbol

When you go with the instruction you will find an option to add a custom token symbol from the metamask. 

Add The Number Of Decimal Places

Now simply add the number of the decimal places to transfer NFTs from the Metamask.

Click Next And Then Add A Token

After adding the decimal places to transfer NFTs click on the next button and then add a tokens.

By using these steps you can transfer NFTs to Metamask simply. These are the simple steps whether you are a new user or a pro you can simply send NFTs to metamask.


By using the above mentioned steps you can transfer NFTs to Metamask wallet. NFTs are the asset in the form of images, digital art & more that have a huge value and work as a digital asset. You can transfer it in the form of digital money by using the metamask account. So if you are having NFTs as an asset then you can transfer it to the metamask account and use it as digital assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Transfer NFTs From Any Blockchain?

Metamask supports the transfer of ethereum based NFTs. So, before transfer of NTFs check the network of blockchain and which NFTs transfer they support.

Is There Any Fee To Import NFTs From Metamask?

Yes, when you import the NFTs to metamask it involves a fee. So be prepared for the fee to transfer NFTs to metamask.

Can I Import NFTs From Multiple Collections Platform?

Yes, you can add various custom tokens from NFTs in Metamask.

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