Metakings Presale Metaverse Step by Step Full Guide for Beginners

Ready to explore a new world? Metakings is debuting in the ever-evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency space with its metaverse.

This virtual world allows users to interact with each other through their avatars, participate in activities and transactions, and even own virtual assets! Get ready to be the first to join the makings presale metaverse and be part of this revolutionary new project.

Read on to experience more about the exciting details of Metakings and their metaverse!

What is MetaKings?

Metakings is not your average game; it is an AI-powered game that has evolved into much more. It has become a hotspot for networking and generating money, with a lively community and plenty of ways to earn while playing.

Metakings differs from other games in using blockchain technology to reward participants for their contributions. This novel idea is known as “play to earn,” It has provided a lifeline for many gamers in poor nations during the Covid epidemic.

On Metakings, you’ll discover everyone from grandpas to aunts, many new to blockchain but eager to get engaged and start earning.

There are so many ways to Earn Money on Metakings

  • You can compete in PVP fights and earn rewards for your leaderboard position. Breeding $MTK tokens and selling them on the market is another excellent way to profit.
  • If you’re into collecting, you can hunt for rare Mystics and Origins and sell them for a high price.
  • Love potions, which are required to breed Metakings and can be exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges like Pancakeswap and Binance, can also be traded.

Starting in 2021, players can acquire a governance token called $MTK, which gives them a say in how the game is run and a share of the fees collected.

It’s like a real-life quest from the movie “Ready Player One,” where players can earn a piece of the game world by completing tasks and showing off their skills.

And the best part? Everyone has a chance to win, as rewards are based on your effort and abilities, not just on who’s the best player.

What is Metakings Presale Metaverse?

The Metakings Presale Metaverse is a fantastic universe run by artificial intelligence. It uses the $MTK token as a cryptocurrency, allowing players to participate fully in the Metakings world.

As players venture into the cursed land of Kunion, they will experience an exciting AI-powered game built on Binance’s smart chain for long-term sustainability and flexibility.

To promote the game and encourage more players to join, Metakings has launched an airdrop program, giving away 40 million MTK tokens, each valued at $40. To participate, you’ll need to meet five simple requirements.

And if you invite your friends to join and they deposit BNB into their Metakings wallet, you could earn up to 10% of their deposit during the presale if you have a large following.

While the $MTK token is not yet listed on exchanges and has no market capitalization, the future looks bright for Metakings.

With its cutting-edge AI technology and exciting gameplay, it will become a hit among gamers and investors.

So don’t miss this opportunity to join the Metakings universe and participate in something extraordinary!

How to earn in MetaKings Metaverse Presale?

In the Metakings metaverse, there are many ways to earn serious cash!

  • For instance, you can participate in PvP battles and receive rewards based on rank.
  • Or, you can breed $MTK tokens and sell them for a profit. If you’re into collecting, you can search for rare Mystics and Origins and sell them for a high price.
  • If you enjoy farming, you can harvest the love potions required to breed Metakings and sell them on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Pancakeswap and Binance.

 So, whether you prefer battling it out with other players, breeding tokens, or searching for rare items, there’s something for everyone in the Metakings metaverse.

Top Features of MetaKings Crypto Project

Play-to-earn Gaming: MetaKings is not just a regular game; it’s a play-to-earn game that rewards players with $MTK tokens for their contributions to the game’s ecosystem. This means that the more you play and participate, the more you earn.

AI-Powered Gameplay: MetaKings uses artificial intelligence to power its gameplay, creating a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Blockchain Technology: MetaKings utilizes blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions and fair gameplay. This lets players easily buy, sell, and trade tokens, knowing their transactions are safe and transparent.

Governance Token: $MTK is more than just a token used for in-game transactions; it also represents a piece of the MetaKings universe. As a governance token, $MTK gives players voting rights and a share of the game’s revenue.

Presale Airdrop: To kickstart the project, MetaKings launched a presale airdrop where players could earn free $MTK tokens. This lets players get involved in the project early and make serious cash.

MetaKings Token $MTK Tokenomics

Metakings is a virtual world or metaverse where computerized reasoning rules and participants can earn rewards like tokens and NFTs by maintaining a stable internet connection and fulfilling environmental responsibilities.

The platform encourages competition, resource gathering, personal growth, and land acquisition.

The pre-selling process is successful, significantly increasing new business and recurring revenue. The Meta Token, a blockchain-based token, powers the Metaverse 2 platform and is accepted as payment for goods and services. Users can manage labor and goods, specifically Meta.

Metakings is a platform that combines virtual world experiences with blockchain technology and incentivizes responsible behavior while offering rewards to participants.

MetaKings NFT Marketplace

On the Metakings platform, be on the lookout for fantastic offers! Our welcoming internal NFT marketplace enables members to trade, sell, or acquire NFTs to help their Guild and the economy.

The Marketplace charges a 15% tax, which is refunded to the Rewards Pool. The default token is $MTK, and users may change the price of their NFTs.

Remember that while depleted fleets cannot be placed on the Marketplace, many intriguing possibilities remain to explore!

What Are The Games In MetaKings Presale Metaverse?

With Metakings, you may explore a novel virtual world! You may earn tokens by being active and contributing to the environment.

With powerful AI, you may participate in various activities such as contests, resource collection, character development, and even empire-building!

Designers may also use all of the artwork materials and genetic data to create something really unique.

Explaining Metakings Gameplay- Features of Metaverse Presale

Get ready for some exciting battles in Metakings!

  • Prominent video games such as “Demon Souls” and “God of War” have influenced the fighting system, making it fast-paced and enjoyable. Also, because it is all about talent and strategy, it is ideal for esports and contests.
  • You could even win thousands of dollars in Binance rewards by participating in sponsored events by the core team or other parties.
  • Metakings’ ARENAS are the platform’s beating heart, where all the exciting activities happen. You can purchase or craft your non-fungible tokens known as ARENAS with $MTK, BUSD, or Crystals. Plus, the best part is, if you join in on the fun and play in ARENAS, you can earn MTK Crystals and BUSD!
  • Let’s remember the characters. You can play different chess pieces in Metakings, including Kings, Queens/Witches, Rooks/Chariots, Knights/Horsemen, Bishops/Archers, and Pawns/Pikemen.

Technology Behind Metakings Game

Metakings is an excellent video game powered by the fantastic Unreal Engine 4.26! The battle system is super speedy, thanks to a pure C++ model that executes game instances in milliseconds.

The stunning visuals are made possible by integrating the rendering process into Unreal Engine. Metakings’ servers are so awesome that they can save even the tiniest input values and replay any match since the simulation is consistent. That’s why every battle ever fought in Metakings is archived for posterity!

How to Buy Metakings ($MTK) Tokens?

There are two ways to purchase SMTK tokens; we’re here to guide you through them!


The first method involves using a Metamask wallet. You must connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain and swap tokens for $MTK.


The second method involves using the Trust wallet. Open the Trust wallet and navigate to Dapps. From there, you can easily purchase $MTK tokens using Pancakeswap.

Both methods are quick and easy, so choose the one that works best for you and start collecting those tokens!

Wrapping Up

Metakings offers a unique AI game experience in the mysterious and cursed region of Kunion.

With the Binance Smart Chain, the game is stable and efficient, giving you uninterrupted fun.

Plus, the Metakings team continuously works hard to improve the gameplay, ensuring fairness for all! So, gear up for an unforgettable adventure with Metakings!

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