The Fascinating Science of : The Sandbox Launching Alpha Season 3

The Sandbox, One of the leading metaverse platforms and undeniably a pioneer in the Web3 gaming industry, The Sandbox Launching Alpha Season 3 on August 24. Previously, the successful Alpha Season 2 drew more than 325000 players, and now Alpha Season 3 continues to thrive on the feat.

Owing to its enthusiastic users and committed developers, The Sandbox has developed an open metaverse where players can design their own experiences and engage with other players in-game.

Before we read this article and learn more about Sandbox Alpha Season 3 and how a user can play the game, let’s first know what the Sandbox is.

What is the Sandbox?

With a market worth of over $1 billion, The Sandbox is one of the most successful metaverse projects ever launched. It facilitates users to build, share, and mint wealth from gaming and real estate affairs.

It is a community-driven, decentralized game ecosystem. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and is the third-largest Metaverse. People can play, construct, own their properties, and hold in-game items in the virtual world.

Moreover, people can sell these assets and earn real-world money in exchange. The Sandbox combines the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the blockchain to let users interact with the virtual space. The Non-Fungible Tokens lend the users features, like deficiency, protection, and authenticity.

The Sandbox Launching Alpha Season 3

With exciting experiences, new features, and plenty of things to explore, the Sandbox’s newest, multi-week play-to-earn event Alpha Season 3, premiered on August 24.

The Season suggests that it’s not only a play-to-earn game. So yes, Earning is a feature in the competition, but it’s not the only one. Diversifying, excellence and social aspects make the complex gameplay brighter and better.

Moreover, the number of big brands and global celebrities The Sandbox has brought up in the world of Metaverse is unmatched, whether it be Adidas, The Smurfs, Care Bears, or Snoop Dog.

With the Alpha Season 3, The Sandbox intends to amplify its position as a leading metaverse platform. The Alpha Season events allow players to get the first experience in The Sandbox’s latest virtual world. Let’s read more about it.

What is in store in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 for the users this Time?

Improved Gameplay:

The gameplay is undoubtedly the most developed out of the lot, with large teams working tirelessly to improve it daily. Over 90 playable metaverses will be a part of the Season, which will be live in over ten weeks. Users will be able to play in solo or multiplayer modes. About thirty of the 90 metaverses will feature brand partnerships with the well-known companies mentioned above.

Prizes for Position Holders :

The Sandbox has augmented prizes for Non-Alpha Pass possessors this season. If the users hold a specific NFT during this Season, they will get a SAND token. Once they complete the level, there are different SAND prizes for LAND owners, NFT collectors, and Avatar holders.

The Following Rewards are given:

  • Alpha Pass: up to 500 SAND
  • LAND Owner: up to 180 SAND
  • Avatar Owner: up to 60 SAND
  • NFT Collector: up to 30 SAND

NFTs playable Avatars :

NFTs from 13 well-known collections will allow players to employ their virtual possessions as their avatars in gaming. The collections are Doggies, Moonbirds, World of Women, Cool Cats, Clone X, People of Crypto, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The Rollout of the Leaderboard Prize :

The best participants on the scoreboard will receive a total of 1.5M SAND tokens throughout Alpha Season 3. The Ethos Points will determine the user rankings. In addition, users will receive the Ethos Points for finishing tasks, considering the time required to accomplish them. As a result, users who finish more tasks quickly will be ranked higher on the scoreboard.

Implementation of KYC system :

The firm is going to bring in the “Know Your Customers” structure. Furthermore, the company wants to promote a fair and secure gaming environment within the Metaverse. Therefore, the objective is to prevent gamers from using multiple accounts and cheating.

The Alpha Season 3 event draws additional visitors to The Sandbox’s open Metaverse because it is still a work in progress. Additionally, developers have the chance to examine and address any flaws or issues the ecosystem may have.

In Alpha Season 3, players can explore various virtual worlds and social hubs where they can connect, play games for rewards, and gain NFT, avatar, and landowner benefits.

Alpha Season 3 Events :

This Season, users can participate in a wide variety of events. In addition, players can participate in in-game and social media events to complete challenges and enter giveaways.

How to play Season 3 of The Sandbox Alpha?

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 is gaining prominence worldwide, especially for new users. But are you still confused as to how to play the game?

Here is how to get started if you want to try your hand at the competition and start playing for free. First, here’s some little-known information: you don’t have to possess any SAND tokens.

Follow these steps to play Alpha Season 3 of The Sandbox:

  1. Visit the official,” The Sandbox” website.
  1. Connect your web 3.0 wallet (MetaMask is a good option if you don’t yet own one, make your avatar or select one of the voxelized NFTs that are in your wallet).
  1. Start your exploration by downloading the Alpha game (not Game Maker), which is available for Windows and macOS.
  1. You can select the world you want to play in next from the website’s dashboard. While the Alpha Lobby and Club XYZ (with Steve Aoki) were available for Play on the first day, numerous additional virtual worlds with various objectives will only be accessible on scheduled days.
  1. Before the competition ends in early November, you can try your hand at the game or challenge a friend who plays traditional video games to give blockchain gaming a shot.
  1. Visit The Sandbox, link your Web 3.0 wallet, and then click Play.
  1. After logging in, you can purchase an NFT avatar for guaranteed rewards.
  2. To begin, click the “Start Here” button in the centre of the blue sky square in the Alpha Lobby. It would be best if you opened The Sandbox Launcher. Then, download the Desktop client. You cannot play The Alpha on a browser because it is a desktop client game. It will, nevertheless, be connected to your Web 3.0 wallet. Open the desktop client after that.
  3.    You will now enter the Alpha Lobby.

Now, you are all ready to play the event.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 significantly improves after The Sandbox Alpha Season 2. The quests are more complex, engaging, and well-integrated. You remain interested in the quests, and the rewards are worthwhile. I recommend you give it a shot because, as of now, this may be the cutting edge of an actual Metaverse experience.

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