Top 10 Upcoming Crypto Airdrops in 2024

A crypto airdrop is an exciting opportunity for cryptocurrency users to receive tokens for free. These airdrops serve as a marketing strategy for blockchain projects to generate hype and engage users with their dApps. Leading projects like Uniswap, Dfinity, and Aptos Blockchain have utilized crypto airdrops as a way to gain momentum and a substantial user base.

Participating in a Top 10 upcoming Crypto Airdrops in 2024 means getting involved with a blockchain’s mainnet, testnet, or a specific dApp. This activity earns users tokens, a special way of compensating those who adopt early. Crypto airdrops are an efficient way of encouraging and rewarding users for exploring and engaging with new blockchain technologies. Such initiatives help innovative projects to grow and gain exposure in the cryptocurrency community.

Crypto Airdrop Process

The process of starting a crypto airdrop is intricate, requiring careful consideration of various factors. Whether the objective is to respond to market shifts, network modifications, or reward existing investors, the initial step is establishing the criteria for eligibility and deciding on the execution method.

Once this foundation is in place, the subsequent phase entails launching a public campaign for the general airdrop. In this stage, interested individuals can provide their wallet or email address to receive their tokens. On the other hand, for specialized airdrops such as those based on a snapshot, specific criteria apply based on particular moments. For example, a snapshot can occur at the stroke of midnight on December 31, and any account holding at least 1,000 tokens would qualify for the airdrop.

Timing is crucial in these scenarios, and as a result, token or coin prices often see fluctuations. Ultimately, an airdrop’s success depends on careful planning, with strategic implementation being key to realizing positive results.

What are Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

Cryptocurrency airdrops are an effective way for crypto projects to distribute digital assets to potential and existing users at no cost. This initiative can help these projects achieve several goals, such as increasing liquidity and building equity in governance mechanisms and for marketing purposes. These airdrops are especially valuable for decentralizing crypto holdings within a platform.

Airdrop recipients are chosen based on prior or current participation in other networks, including Bitcoin or Ethereum. Recipients can also be selected from crypto exchanges or wallets.

Participating in a crypto airdrop is an easy process. All you need to do is share your valid wallet address with the project giving away the coins or tokens. However, more active involvement may be required at times, like completing a survey, subscribing to a mailing list, or promoting a post on social media. You could also receive an airdrop by being active in participating exchanges.

Cryptocurrency airdrops are an exciting way to explore new digital assets without any cost. It is a win-win for both users and projects, fostering a more active and engaged community in the constantly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Top 10 upcoming Crypto Airdrops in 2024

SUI Crypto Airdrops

SUI blockchain has created a lot of buzz in the crypto industry, as it is being compared to the highly-anticipated Aptos project. This blockchain is being developed by former employees of Meta and is expected to offer exceptional scalability on a layer 1 network. SUI’s framework will be built upon Diem’s popular MOVE programming language and a robust proof of stake system.

zkSync Crypto Airdrops

zkSync offers a revolutionary scaling solution for Ethereum that prioritizes security above all else. By leveraging pure mathematical calculations rather than validators, zkSync ensures a highly secure off-chain storage and computation system. At the same time, the actual funds are kept safe and sound on the mainchain with the assistance of smart contracts.

What’s more, zkSync is committed to delivering low gas fees for all Ethereum and ERC 20-based tokens transfers, as well as enabling atomic swaps and limit orders. With zkSync, Ethereum scalability just got a whole lot more exciting!

Layer Zero Crypto Airdrop

Enter the world of Layer Zero, the next-generation blockchain protocol that takes blockchain bridging to an unprecedented level. With omnichannel interoperability, Layer Zero unites all EVM chains and pools all liquidity.

At the core of Layer Zero is the Oracle & Relayer, which processes quick and seamless messaging between two on-chain endpoints. So, join us on this new dimension of blockchain bridging and experience the possibilities like never before.

Arbitrum Potential Airdrop

Introducing the Arbitrum blockchain – a revolutionary layer 2 solution designed to amplify the potential of Ethereum smart contracts. With the advanced technological suite offered by Arbitrum, you can create anything that you can build on Ethereum, but with faster transaction speeds and lower costs.

This innovative layer 2 platform allows builders to run unmodified EVM contracts and transactions on a secondary layer, all while maintaining Ethereum’s level of security.

Although Arbitrum currently does not have a token, the anticipation of a token launch is high. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to revolutionize the blockchain industry with Arbitrum!

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StarkNet Airdrop

Introducing StarkNet – a decentralized, Validity-Rollup blockchain built using the Cairo programming language. Unlike traditional blockchains, StarkNet operates on top of the Ethereum blockchain and offers faster transaction speeds, providing developers and users with a more secure platform to build and utilize decentralized applications (dApps).

Despite not having its token yet, StarkNet has already confirmed that it will launch its own soon. Developers and end users building dApps using StarkNet will have the opportunity to receive 9% of the total supply, incentivizing innovation and collaboration within the blockchain community.

Excitingly, some of the most prominent dApps currently built on StarkNet include ImmutableX, dydx, DeversiFi, Argent, Celer, and many more. Join the ranks of these successful dApp developers and take advantage of StarkNet’s unique features and benefits today.

Quai Network Crypto Airdrop

Quai Network is a revolutionary EVM-compatible blockchain platform comprising a merge-mined chain network. Its objective is to deliver unparalleled speed to its users while being modular, allowing for horizontal scaling as more dApps are added and the ecosystem flourishes – keeping costs to a minimum. Quai Network promises to stand out among existing blockchains by employing the sharding technique and a unique Proof-of-Work 2.0 consensus mechanism.

In addition, the network aims to empower developers with an efficient smart contract platform that will give birth to innovative dApps unlike any before. Quai Network represents a new paradigm in blockchain design, leading the charge in revolutionizing the way blockchain platforms operate.

Blur Airdrop 3

On the market of NFT, Blur has established its name as a prominent marketplace and aggregator. The announcement on December 30, 2022, concerning the Airdrop 3 has stirred a lot of buzz among its users, as the launch is anticipated by the end of January. As part of its efforts to encourage users to promote NFTs on its platform, Blur started handing out $BLUR linkages in October 2022.

These packages are crates containing an undisclosed amount of the $BLUR coin, and their contents will be revealed only after the launch of the token and governance in January 2023. The second Blur Airdrop took place on December 5, 2022, which only fueled the excitement around Airdrop 3. As per the platform, Airdrop 3 is aimed at traders who bid on Blur and is anticipated to be the most substantial airdrop yet, around 1-2 times larger than Airdrop 2.

Orbiter Finance Airdrop

Looking for a decentralized platform that offers cross-rollup bridging capabilities? Look no further than Orbiter Finance! This platform uses smart contracts exclusively on the receiving end, and it’s being touted as a possible infrastructure option for Ethereum’s multi-rollup needs down the road. Right now, Orbiter Finance doesn’t have its token, but it could happen in the future. If that happens, you could receive an airdrop using the platform’s bridge to transfer assets between chains. Start exploring your options with Orbiter Finance today!

Aztec Airdrop

Aztec has developed a revolutionary solution that enhances privacy for transactions made on the Ethereum network, allowing individuals to conduct confidential and secure dealings on the public mainnet. Leveraging the power of zero-knowledge proofs, Aztec has found a way to keep AZTEC transactions discreet and safe. In recent times, the company managed to raise $100 million in funding, and the lead investor was a16z. Moreover, rumors exist that there may be an airdrop in the offing for the foreseeable future. Even though Aztec is currently without a token of its own, insiders believe the company will soon introduce one in collaboration with Paradigm. With its impressive history of delivering retroactive airdrops for its portfolio of supported projects, this can only be good news for Aztec’s investors.

Metamask Airdrop

2023 will be a year to remember for crypto enthusiasts worldwide as MetaMask is preparing for a highly anticipated airdrop. While the exact date remains shrouded in secrecy, excitement is already building, and the $MASK token is the talk of the town. The prospect of securing a share of the lucrative rewards is enough to make investors weak in their knees. MetaMask has been teasing the possibility of a token release for some time now, and with its eye-popping $7 billion valuation, this airdrop has the potential to go down in history as the biggest ever. The world waits with bated breath.

 Shardeum Airdrop

Shardeum, a revolutionary layer 1 blockchain network, was founded by Nishchal Shetty, who co-founded the well-known WazirX. Shardeum has already amassed a whopping 18.2 million US dollars in funding, courtesy of major Crypto VCs. In addition to this, Shardeum has also disclosed that they intend to carry out an exciting tokenomics airdrop plan – 5% of their highly sought-after tokens will be up for grabs!


Q. How Do I Get Crypto Airdrops?

Ans: Crypto airdrops can be found on Twitter, the ideal place to expand your knowledge. You should look out for newly launched projects that have successfully raised funds and have mature internet announcements. To keep updated with their latest developments, you can follow their MEDIUM posts or join them on Discord to get firsthand knowledge of their forthcoming airdrop opportunities.

Q. Is it true that we can make money from Crypto Airdrops?

Some crypto airdrops are indeed just a scam, but others have the potential to make you rich. Just look at Uniswap, who generously gave 400 tokens to early users of their decentralized exchange. And if you had 10 accounts, that would have netted you a whopping 4000 tokens. When UNI was at its highest point, it touched a staggering 42 USD per token, which would have meant a potential profit of almost 17,000 USD per account.
But it’s not just Uniswap who’s spreading the wealth. APTOS recently gave out 150 tokens for free. Each token valued at 10 USD adds up to 1500 USD worth of tokens!
So don’t write off crypto airdrops just yet. With the potential for such high profits, participating in airdrops could be a smart financial move.

Q. Are Crypto Airdrops Scams?

Unfortunately, as crypto airdrops become more popular, so do scams that try to exploit unsuspecting victims. Don’t be one of those victims! It’s crucial to be vigilant and stay informed to avoid falling for a scam. One simple tip is to verify all links from the official site and double-check them every time before proceeding with an airdrop. Never rush into anything without taking the time to research thoroughly. Consider using an account with minimal crypto funds so that your losses will be limited even in the event of a hack. Remember: caution is key when it comes to crypto airdrops!

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