Utherverse Metaverse to Launch Next Generation Web3 Closed Beta in Sept 26, 2023

Utherverse is one of the famous platforms that provide a hyper-realistic experience for developers to connect with the virtual world easily. Due to its higher popularity most of the users are looking for Utherverse metaverse to launch next-generation web3 closed beta.

The platform recently announced that it will launch a closed beta of the next generation of this platform on Sept 26, 2023.

In this latest update users will get more entertainment and functions to explore. The platform will preview the functionalities of the web3 closed beta and will serve as a testing ground for its final development.

What’s New In Utherverse Metaverse Web3 Closed Beta?

For all those who are eager to know what’s new you are going to see after the Utherverse Metaverse to Launch Next Generation Web3 Closed Beta in Sept 26 then scroll down. In this web2 closed beta, you will experience new functionality and qualities that make your experience of using Metaverse more entertaining.

  • It allows users to claim their Utherverse username and enjoy the functioning web3 variant.
  • In this, you will get many other entertaining & social ads on such as movie screenings, influencers, broadcast studios, rooftop dance, air concert venues, art galleries, shopping, live music & many more.
  • It allows the users to interact with each other in multiple settings.
  • Participate in multiple business activities such as e-commerce opportunities, and buying and selling of virtual goods.
  • To all the Utherverse VIP legacy users closed beta automatically grants access.
  • Priority access is given to the truck holders to those who have purchased the functional NFTs (fNFTs).

Priority access is given to all those users who have followed by users and are part of the whitelist, available for sign-up on Discord at Here

The Utherverse closed beta will also be going to introduce a monthlong virtual celebration for all the users. This virtual celebration entertainment event includes shopping, networking, and other business-to-consumer and business-to-business special experiences.

In this virtual celebration, you are going to experience something new. This will include a part of the sixth annual virtual con. This will be going to be a complete visual web3 trade show for users full of entertainment that include exhibitors, speakers, and panel discussions.

What Are The Words OF Brian Shuster, founder and CEO of Utherverse Related To Web3 Closed Beta?

The founder & CEO of Utherverse said that it is going to be a hallmark year for Utherverse because we are going to introduce the next generation of what is already the largest metaverse platform in the world. In this users will get a hyper-realistic immersive experience.

Through this users will increase their engagement and spend more time on the activities and opportunities they are going to have in this Web3 closed beta. This will provide better opportunities for brands, entertainment providers, retailers, and companies in many different industries.

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