Worldcoin Price Prediction 2023 – 2050: How High Will WLD Go?

Worldcoin is a global initiative to create an open financial network where everyone has digital identities and they own a part of the system. This means giving all people more chances to make money through technology such as blockchain.

Worldcoin aims to distinguish humans and computers online, while keeping private information secure, facilitate voting and democratic processes online, and maybe even give out Universal Basic Income (UBI) funded by artificial intelligence.

Based on the above-mentioned used case and the popularity of the coin, Worldcoin price prediction for 2023-2050 can be done very easily.

In this article, we’ll discuss Worldcoin’s used case, its current market performance, Worldcoin price prediction in the future, and factors influencing its price.

Worldcoin’s Market Performance: Current Market Position and Analysis

A brief analysis of Worldcoin as on July 24, 2023, is as follows:

  • The current price of Worldcoin is around $2.10 USD.
  • With a 24-hour trading volume of over  $154,240,568 USD. This means an increase of 23.56% in the last 24 hours.
  • The last 24-hour trading volume is estimated to be over USD 645 million. This shows a promising increase of approx. 24%.
  • The current rank of Worldcoin on CoinMarketCap is 126, with a market cap of approx. $231,826,990 USD.
  • The circulating supply is over 107 million WLD coins, with a maximum supply of 10 billion WLD coins.

This data as per coinmarketcap indicates a strong market presence and potential for growth, making Worldcoin a cryptocurrency to watch. Also, the chart and data can be used to make Worldcoin price predictions both in the short term and the long term.

Worldcoin Price Predictions

The price prediction of any cryptocurrency is primarily based on two factors that are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The same is the case with Worldcoin price prediction.

Worldcoin primarily revolves around two main components, which comprise World ID and the Orb. A technology having such vast use cases and technological advancement can surely get a good adaptation rate resulting in higher prices.

The fundamentals of the coin and the technology behind look very strong and hence the coin can perform very well in the long term.

Let us understand more about the Worldcoin price prediction in detail.

Worldcoin Price Predictions 2023 – 2025

In the short term, from 2023 to 2025, the Worldcoin price prediction is quite bullish. This is based on its current performance and the expected growth of its network. If more people start using Worldcoin, the demand for WLD coins could rise, which might increase the price.

The current price of the coin is USD 2.00 per coin and considering the current market sentiments when the crypto market is at its lowest, the price of Worldcoin is likely to boost by 300% or more raising to around USD 6.00 or even more.

Further, because the crypto market is currently showing sideways movement, the price of Worldcoin will likely remain stable or increase slowly. The chances of the price going down are impossible unless unexpected external factors exist.

Worldcoin Price Predictions 2026 – 2030

In the medium term, from 2026 to 2030, the price of Worldcoin could continue to rise if the network keeps growing and the technology keeps improving. If Worldcoin becomes trending and more people start using it, the prices can certainly go up.

Assuming that the economy and project perform well and attract a large number of institutional as well as retail investors. The price of Worldcoin can soar higher and could reach anywhere between $10 to $50.

But just like short-term predictions, it is extremely important to consider other factors such as market trends, adoption rate, etc which can influence the price of Worldcoin.

Worldcoin Price Predictions 2031 – 2050

Making long-term worldcoin price prediction 2050 is even more complicated as it involves various external and internal factors. But if the developers continue to work hard and improve the used case and technology behind the project, more and more investors will show interest in the coin which will surely drive the price higher in the long run.

Because the coin is performing well now with a solid used case, more and more investors will be interested in buying the coin and holding it. This will surely be a positive for Worldcoin in the long run and the price of the same can even go over $100 up-till $1000 or even more if there is an extended bull run.

Prestigious projects Like Luna, FTX, and many more which were considered the game changer once, have seen some unexpected results due to the failure of their systems, failing their project.

Factors Influencing Worldcoin’s Price

Worldcoin’s value is directly proportional to its growth as an ecosystem. If more people adopt and use its technology, demand for WLD coins will likely increase and consequently drive up its price.

Orbs deployment across cities and countries is central to expanding a network. Worldcoin’s unique offering, providing privacy-preserving digital identities, could attract abundant users, further strengthening its network.

As discussed earlier as well, other factors such as market trends, regulatory changes, and technology advancements also play a crucial role in determining the future price of Worldcoin’s price.

The Process of Investing in Worldcoin

Investing in Worldcoin requires several steps. First, download the World App as this wallet app supports creating your World ID and visiting a physical imaging device called Orb to get your ID verified. With your World ID verified, you are entitled to claim free WLD tokens regularly, making Worldcoin potentially one of the world’s most widely distributed digital currencies.

WLD tokens can also be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Bitrue, Bybit, and Bitget. As with any investment decision, conducting extensive research and evaluating all risks is crucial before purchasing Worldcoin.


Worldcoin offers a promising future through its amazing approach to digital identity and financial networks. With its ability to distinguish human users from AI while preserving privacy online, this project stands to transform digital lives forever. And its ambitious global adoption goal may lead to a more equitable digital economy in due course.

As with any cryptocurrency, Worldcoin poses risks and challenges that investors and advisors should be aware of, including regulatory changes and market fluctuations. It is highly advisable that all potential investors must remain updated regarding all the developments related to Worldcoin so that they can make informed decisions. Ultimately, the future holds exciting possibilities; we all are waiting to witness the evolution.

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